Snag It

Would you like your favorite coffee for half price? Snag It is a mobile guide to discover exciting promotions around you.

This is one of those tech products that blends into real life. It's a powerful management tool for business owners and simple & intuitive app for deal hunters.

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • Frontend Development
Snag It Logo Variations
Logo variations for different product branches.

Product Branches

We divided Snag It into two product branches: Merchants and Customers. Snag It Merchants is powerful management system that let business owners setup their deals, track statistics, create campaigns and much more. Snag It Customers is for every other people who want to save money by, for example, using promo codes or location-based promotions. Those two branches are completely different regarding strategy and of course target. So we had to separate them in terms of information architecture and also style but at the same time make both recognizable as one brand.

Snag It Merchants

This branch had to be very descriptive in terms of features, how everything works and what benefits it provides to business owners.

Screenshot: Snag It Merchants Landing Page
Snag It Merchants: Landing Page.
Screenshot: Snag It Merchants Management Overview
Snag It Merchants: Management Overview.

Snag It Customers

Main goal of that branch was to get new people use the product. Make them fall in love with idea of saving money thanks to special deals provided by Snag It App. And of course make people download the app. We wanted to skip what's not needed on that landing page. Keep it simple, obvious and have one clear call to action.

Screenshot: Snag It Customers Landing Page
Snag It Customers: Landing Page.

Merchant's Dashboard

It's a section for business owners where they could setup campaigns, deals, promo codes and ads. But it's not only for creating content, it's also for checking health of their business and performance of currently running promotions. Metrics supposed to give you quick overview on how things are going. It was the main view for Merchant.

Screenshot: Metrics view for Merchants
Dashboard: Metrics section with overview of business current health
So what's next? You tell us!